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 Have you ever considered yourself a "weak-link" in the chain of democratic process?  I'll bet not, but if you don't vote, you might be a "weak-link".  If you fail to call your Legislator when asked by the VFW for help on a veteran's issue, you might be a "weak-link".  Freedom to vote and freedom to express our opinions are just two of the things for which we served our Nation.  Don't become a "weak-link" by inaction.  Although not all 281,000 veterans in Kansas are VFW members, can you imagine the legislative strength a cohesive of chain of those veterans would make if only a small percentage of them would act?  I know we don't have many, if any, "weak-links" in the VFW; I'm just making a point.


With your support the VFW helped bring about Post-9/11 GI Bill, traumatic injury insurance, hiring preferences, advance health care appropriations and family caregiver benefits, among many other accomplishments.


Congress is in recess until November 13, 2012.

With the implementation of the VFW National Legislative Committee, which is comprised of members from all Departments, the VFW has arrived in the 21st Century.  With the right application, this program should help tremendously in getting Congress' attention.  It will take our individual actions to make it work.


If you want to become a "strong-link" in the chain, here are a few suggestions:


(1) Invite your State or National Legislators to come to your city to participate in any ceremony, parade or celebration you may be having.  Give them plenty of advance notice.  I know they will come because I have succeeded in doing this on occasion.


(2) If you are asked to call your Legislator on an issue, don't hesitate.  For their phone numbers, either go to their web-page or go to ""; then to "Government"; then to "State Government" or "Federal Government", depending on who you are looking for.  All their phone numbers and addresses are listed, including their offices in Kansas.  I could call them, but a call from someone in their own District is much more effective.  And please, keep me informed and advised.


(3) Sign up for the "VFW Washington Weekly Update" at


(4) If here is a political function in your area, be sure to attend with some follow comrades and wear your official VFW cap to let them know you are there.  Also, advise of such, and I too will try to attend.  Aldo, invite the Department Chair Officers.  District Commanders and District Legislative Officers should follow-up on attendance.


(5) You can follow-up on how your Congressman or Senator voted on issues by logging on to

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